Terms of sale

1. Introduction

These general sales conditions shall come into force upon its approval by the board of directors and will come to replace and rescind all conditions previously applied, provided that all sales and deliveries by SANARA Resistencias Eléctricas S.A. from that time, be subject to the General Conditions, unless expressly agreed in writing and signed by the contracting parties. These conditions are subject to review and modification by SANARA.

2. Paymet

First sale in cash.
For orders less than 60 Euros, payment shall be made in cash.
The payment does not exceed 60 days from invoice date, subject to authorization from the Department of Accounting.
Failure to comply with the payment terms agreed will close the credit account immediately, to the satisfaction of the debt and a charge for demurrage.
Our sales are always considered under the condition of “retention of title” material being supplied owned SANARA until actual payment of everything owed.

3. Prices

The prices are EXW and shall be those corresponding to the rate in effect at the time of delivery.
The offers and price lists are not binding and may be modified without notice SANARA.
Prices do not include applicable taxes will be applied in accordance with official regulations bill then current. Nor do they include wood packaging and transport to be paid by the buyer. It may ship with prepaid SANARA concerted agencies, loading after invoice
If exceptionally, SANARA authorize a prepaid shipping, it will be SANARA by any means deemed appropriate
For special products or are not in the price list, our offers are valid for one month, so if ordering after the deadline, we reserve the right to review the price offered.
For special manufacturing orders, material orders that do not have in stock or orders over 600 Euros will be required in advance 50% of the total order amount.
The inspection and certification costs that are beyond shall always SANARA, unless otherwise agreed in writing by both parties, by the buyer
If you manufacture or purchase molds, tools or other objects on request of Buyer, SANARA billed a portion of the cost to the Purchaser. Without limiting the foregoing, molds, jigs, tools, etc., Will always belong to SANARA.

4. Minimum order and quantity

The minimum order is 60 Euros. For special manufacturing products, we reserve the right to supply the goods with a variation of plus or minus 5% in the number of units in any case by giving the order completed.
In case of partial deliveries the Buyer shall be bound to pay the amount for that partial supply, unable to defer payment on delivery of the rest of the order.

5. Delivery

The deadlines for the delivery of the material are for information only, not binding and thus SANARA the breach of such term shall be no compensation or compensation of any kind.
Orders can not be canceled unilaterally by the Buyer, except by prior written agreement. In this case, he shall be recoverable from the Buyer compensation for damages caused.

6.Fixed payments

If fixed payment dates exceeding the previously determined period, we will turn to the date immediately preceding, as appropriate, up to a maximum in any case 60 days from invoice date or shipment.

7. Insurance

Goods always travel at sole risk of the purchaser, being always by the same insurance premium is made, where the client wishes to secure.

8. Claims

The formalization of a claim by the client, does not entitle him to the suspension or deduction from the payment obligations.
In discrepancies observed in the receipt material, will be met and all claims arising within 8 days of the receipt of the material, do not accept any returns without proper communication to SANARA.

9. Return policy

Only accept returns for manufacturing defects or errors directly attributable to SANARA and written permission SANARA. Returns will be delivered free, must accompany the invoice and original packing list, and shipping should be done always by our usual means of transport.
Any returned material must be communicated immediately to SANARA. Upon receipt of the returned item, our Quality Department will perform the relevant checks and inspections, issuing the audit report, provided that it deems appropriate.
In case of accepting the payment of a standard material, and in the case of such material is undamaged attributable to SANARA deducted 15% of the purchase price in respect of handling and quality inspection.
The resulting compost cancellation will take effect deducting new purchases

10. Warranty

All our products are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase. The warranty is limited to replacement or repair of defective, at our option, provided it has been used according to specifications. The use of an item in applications or under conditions other than those defined as your own is always the responsibility of the user, canceling the warranty.
The warranty does not apply to defects of which the cause is after the departure of our stores or in the event of poor maintenance, use, repair and installation or improper handling by the buyer.
To apply for this warranty, the buyer must notify in writing to SANARA defects found and must be appropriate to allow the necessary contracts to provide solutions.
SANARA is not obligated to indemnify the purchaser or others for the consequences of use of the product, whether direct or indirect damage, accidents to persons, damage to property, loss of profits or lost profits, or damages arising from a deterioration.
The total liability for any claim shall be limited to the price of the product or service that caused the complaint.

11. Law

The validity, interpretation and execution of this agreement and/or order of any related dispute shall be submitted to the judges and courts of Barcelona to resign express of any other law.


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